Project Life 2012

Yesterday in the snow blizzard Kathleen and I Project Lifed.  I caught up on Project Life 2013 and 2012.  After completing 8 weeks from last year I decided I wasn't interested in finishing the other missing 4 weeks of 2012.  Mostly because nothing really happened and partially because I had nothing to add but pictures and paper to the sleeves.  I am okay with this.  But I did do some of the big weeks that had been skipped over - like our camping trip and Spring Break!  Here are a few of these pages back later to conclude 2013 too. 
The layouts from camping are pretty basic but I like the hang tag I saved and the photos do most of the talking.
Spring Break week was really like 6 spreads but I am only sharing these fees image the others looking mostly the same.  I am looking back on my ridiculously long hair and wanting it back too.  

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