At the Bungalow

Around here I am piecing a new quilt.
I love the sushi and bike prints in it. 
I am feeling the baby move.
I am enjoying a slow morning start.
Around here we survived subzero temps.
And also 12+ inches of snow.
Cabin fever for 3 days.
And we are blessed because Dustin willingly wants to shovel out the cars and walk.
Around here I kind of like seeing everything covered in pretty white snow.
We started a library for the baby with 140+ books Dustin bought on a yard sale site.  
I started making plans for the nursery.
I am ready for the weekend.  

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thea said...

How did I miss seeing this until tonight? Guess I'm slacking off on my blog reading. Sorry. Great pictures. Love the tree and snow. the bikes and the sushi fabric are great.