On 9 Months

Today we have been married for nine months. 
We did a whole lot less traveling, both together and apart these past three months.
We spent a whole lot more time together.
We discovered two was going to become three.
We celebrated our tiny miracle.
We told people when we were keeping it a secret.
We discovered just how bad we are at secrets.

We watched a lot of x-files together.
We went on family vacation to Omaha.
We had thanksgiving in close quarters.
We struggled with Dustin's job.
We started a new small group.
We found double date friends with John and Lynely and Jason and Ashley.
We learned that sometimes God watches out for us.
We appreciated our friendships.
We celebrated Christmas several times.
We had a scare which took us to the ER.
We relished in the everything is OK moment.
We heard our babies heartbeat.
We saw our baby move and look a little like a lizard.
We took less photos together.
We rang in the new year with Dustin's family & our Kathleen. 

Dustin -
Nine months has flown by in a jiff.  Each day is new and full of potential. 

Don't be so discouraged about work, sometimes life is just not fair, it will work out or you'll move on.  You are hardworking and honest and those are traits that are worth having in any worker, coworker, client, or boss.
I love the way you care for me and watch over me and now the baby too.  Your going to make a good father, and I'm excited about this next chapter in our lives.
Let's make snow cones in this snow.   Let's make soup and cuddle under a quilt.  Let's find a way to love others this winter. 
I love you much.

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