Baby's First Photos

This past week we had our thrid ultrasound.  And this was the real one we are past the 18 week mark so we should have been able to tell the sex of the baby.    But our little baby was not having it!  It was hanging out all Indian style or tucking its legs over our view.  Then when they poked at the baby with the probe it kept kicking its legs up at us.  Refusing to let us know boy or girl.  We did get to see its active heartbeat, and little feet and hands but we have to go back next week for another ultrasound.  The doctor did give us the babies first photos though.  One in which you can see its tiny little precious hand,  which is probably smaller than a dime still.  It's quite the miracle.  We are so excited to meet our little one, of course we still have a while to wait so we'll be patient.  
(Can you see its hand there in the middle) 
Here you can see the profile.  
PS we now have the baby hanging on the fridge although eventually we'll get it in project life

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