14 on 14 - May

I almost got stalled at 4 this month.  My phone is having a "moment" and let's be real I am not hauling an SLR around everywhere all day.  But I used Dust's backup phone and managed to finish these off.  A theme I am noticing I visit the. Doctor a lot on the 14th, Dustin is usually gone, and I tend to do some sewing.  Anyhow here are my 14 snaps.
1 - homemade bread for breakfast
2 - my hairbrush
3 - #babyburf and I at the doctor 
4 - I need gas
5 - last week in scraps 
6 - my phone drying in rice
7 - spray painting the register for #babyburfs room
8 - old/new shelf now in the nursery
9 - organizing the babies books 
10 - shelving the books ( his library is bigger than mine but he only owns one pair of socks). 
11 - the baby bump
12 - quilting discard pile for my mm challenge quilt
13 - m&ms snack
14 - reading at bedtime

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