Quilting Collaboration - Thea's Improv Quilt

Thea and I started a little collaboration project.  We each are making Improv Quilt Blocks for quilts made from scrap fabrics.  I worked on a few blocks for her quilt this weekend.  These are fun to put together although my machine was struggling with staying threaded.  
I like little pops of yellow and green in these.  
Here's what the five finished blocks look like.   When they are all finished they will be fun to determine where they go in the top.  It's funny how the red seems to be in the center of each block somehow.   Anyhow I will share mine soon when I finish the blocks I started.  


thea said...

how fun! At least I know what I'll e sewing soon.

Mandy Crandell said...

Very cool. I really like the different patterns.