Book 36 - Longbourn by Jo Baker

I read about this book on a blog I read.  After not being a fan of Pride and Prejudice I was a little bit not interested in attempting Longbourn by Jo Baker.  However it was available at the library I recognized the title and just picked it up.  
It was much easier to read then Pride and Prejudice (it was without the weird English).   The book follows the story of the servants in the Longbourn house.  It goes right along side of the traditional story from P&P so some of the characters/events are familiar.  I appreciated that because it was a little slow going and some of the "surprise" parts were just starting to annoy me enough to make me want to stop reading it.  But I stuck with it, and I didn't hate it. Overall it was alright not necessarily a book I would read again but still worth reading and it took just under a week to finish so that's a plus.  And that's Book #36. 

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