Family Vacation/Jono & Los wedding

So for our family vacation this summer we went to Florida for Jono and Lo's wedding.  We rented a big pink house a block from the beach on Anna Maria Island.   We spent time on the beach, in the pool, went to get our nails done, visited the town a little, and had family meals and did many wedding events.
It was a good trip.  I even found a magical sunscreen to keep my pale skin from burning worse this summer (shout out to Neutrogena Beach Protection in the yellow bottle love you).  My only regret of our trip aside from the 16+ hour drive 8 months pregnant, was that with all the family and friends around we didn't get much time together as just a family.
But it was still beautiful and amazing and I would do it all again.  I will leave you with a few snaps taken.


Jonathan said...

We can schedule a short fam vacay later in the year for just fam to make up for it.

Jonathan said...

We will schedule a short family vacay with just family for later in the year to make up for it.

thea said...

Great pictures! and Love is most definitely ice cream for two!