Quilts for #babyburf

#babyburf is now the owner of several new quilts.  Both playmats for him to play on.  This first one made by my friend Rachael using scrap fabrics.  It's pretty much amazing I love the quadrants of the  different colors.  It's fun to have bits of Rachael's prior projects and to remember those quilts as well.  The binding is perfect as well.
The second quilt made by my Aunt Thea is also a playmat.   This one for us to play cars with #babyburf on.  I love that she made him a quilt that is not one I would have made for him but is still so fun and playful.  
She backed it in a nice soft flannel which I am sure my baby will appreciate.  Especially since his mother strays away from such backings herself because she doesn't like the stretch and give of sewing flannel.  It looks very nice with the blue velvet chair in the nursery too.  
Thanks so much to both Thea and Rachael it's wonderful to know that #babyburf is so loved and not yet even here.

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thea said...

He has so many quilts already! How fun!