2014 List An Update

As we approach the end of the May I thought I'd do a little recap of where I am with my 2014 List.  Currently I have completed 11 of the 52 items some of these items surprisingly were not the easiest items I have on my list too. 

  • 19. Kathleen's 25 Party
  • 10. Paint Babies Room
  • 3. Attend Jono and Lo's Wedding
  • 15. Build a Kitchen Table
  • 27 Clean out the Coffee Table
  • 4. Babymoom Trip
  • 6. Add Lo to the Wall
  • 5. Start Improv Quilt with Thea
  • 21. Make Scrap vomit Quilt
  • 17. Make the Baby a Quilt
  • 33. Go to an Art Museum with Momo

I have started another 7 most of which will probably be on-going projects for the entire year so I feel like this is good progress. 

  • 2. Bake 25 Breads
  • 11. Remove Carpet in Back Rooms (1 down)
  • 26. 4 Crafty Projects
  • 38. Finish Sushi Quilt
  • 42. New Work from Home Space (about 1/2 way there)
  • 44. Use my SLR twice a month
  • 45. Finish the 52 Books (I'm wrapping up book 36)

One of the things I've done this year to help track my how it's going with these goals is tracking them in my phone.  I made a to-do list in my phone and each time I complete one I cross it off.  I also find myself checking out my phone to see what needs to get done at various different times.   I use this little tool often in my everyday life for to do lists for work, groceries, shopping in general (like I have a list of things we need but I don't want to buy all at once), preparing for the baby - it's a handy tool and it comes free with your iPhone.  FYI it also plugs in with outlook and google however I usually just use the phone version.   Anyhow that's where we are with the list back more soon with more updates I'm sure. 


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