WIP Wednesday - Quilts & Nursery

Well over the weekend I finished up the nursery quilt (watch for post about that).  I also got some work done on my Michael Miller MQG Challenge Quilt.  I don't want to give away too many details about this quilt but here are a few snaps from my table. 
Yep that's a pretty horrible sneak peek.  Sorry. I am making this quilt for Dust he will be very sad to learn there's no zombies or bacon.  
I also got the batting for the sushi quilt but I have bow misplaced the 9000 basting pins and I refuse to buy more so maybe that will get quilted soon of maybe in a year!
And as for a nursery update...  
We make progress slowly I moved the shelf from our room to the nursery and set up all the books.  I also got all the unused green bins and baskets I emptied from the garage studio now I just need to get some blue ones too.  I washed all his sheets and clothes for infant size.  I also organized all the shower gifts so the can go in baskets when I get that organized.  
Clearly this is still a hot mess! But it will come together soon.  The other side of the room is worse because my "desk" is back in the room while we figure out space issues in our room. 
Kathleen may have a dresser we can repurpose for his changing table I need to go over there and see if I can fix the drawers.  If not we'll need to just bite the bullet and buy one because all the thrift store and craigslist adventures have resulted in a bunch of nothing.  
And that's what's working on Wednesday. 

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thea said...

The nursery is coming together so nicely.