Week in the Life - Thursday

Thursday Jones woke me up.
I changed his diaper and put his bottle in the sink.
I started work while he hid things in the sofa.
We tried to wake dad up.  
I made us breakfast of eggs and cheese.
After breakfast jones played by himself.
Part of his playing was taking all the recycling from the bin that doesn't lock and putting it by the door and declaring bye bye.
I took this as it was time to take things to the recycling center.
He also put toys in an egg carton he found.
Around 9 we attempted to wake dad up again.
He woke up and moved to the sofa.
I got jones dressed.  
I bagged up the recycling so it could go out.
Jones pulled the diaper box out and proceeded to put his head in it.
Jones engaged dad into reading him books and I returned to work.
Jones ate cheese and sausage and crackers and pineapple for lunch around 11.
He mostly are the pineapple.
He took a nap after lunch.
Dad showered.
I took a work break and made Popsicles.
Pineapple and cherry Popsicles.
I returned to work.
I worked until around 5:30.
Jones and Dustin took the recycling and ran to the post office.
Dustin fixed supper while jones and I colored with watercolor pencils. (See clown above).
We also face timed grandma.
We had supper.  
Then jones and I played with his blocks and toys.  
And we went for a short walk jones was super cranky.
I gave him a bath and then put him to bed.
I basted the half square triangle quilt.
I trimmed the quilt.
I looked up crockpot recipes on Pinterest (I need to work on my recipes for my list).
I read the bible and then went to bed.  
Dustin joined me as he had a headache.

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Jennifer M said...

I've been wanting to tell you congratulations on baby number 2! I hope you have a great pregnancy!!