Works In Progress - Quilting

So I have several in project projects. Actually more like 50,  when you are trying not to spend money you stay in and quilt or read or clean.  
Anyhow here are a few projects I am working on...
Indy Modern's Low Volume Charity Quilt:
These need a good ironing and trimming but I started on them and I cut pieces for more.  I seem to have lost my yardage bin of white gray cream fabrics as I only had scraps to pull from.  Some of my scraps were a little borderline low volume but they will be fine in the mix.  The blocks were so fast after I cut the pieces I  hope we can get the 60 blocks by October as needed.
Baby Girl Half Squares:
The baby arrived so I am a little behind on this luckily I cut enough squares to make a much larger front and now I have enough for the back and front.  And with any luck I can quilt and bind this before we take the new parents dinner this weekend.  Thank goodness for baby quilts.
Rainbow Quilt:
This one was going to go to a friends baby but I like it too much so I decided to keep it myself.   I cut the backing but need larger batting.  I love these super scrappiness.
Other Projects:
I actually have been working on my improv quilt and attempting to piece the front somehow I got that jumbled and I now need to refigure how to do it.  I also have cut pieces for two other baby quilts.  I am hoping to get done before said babies arrive later this month or next month.  

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thea said...

Lots of projects going on .. amazed you can do so much with Jones around. Does he leave you to yourself or does he help?