Week In The Life - Monday

I am playing along with Ali Edwards - Week in the Life as a way to capture our everyday this year last year I snapped 14 photos every 14th and it was a struggle so I figure this might be easier.  Here are the words and photos from Monday (mostly words as I took only four photos and one screen snap). 
I put off getting up hitting snooze only 5 times.  Jones was still asleep when my alarm went off at 6:30 so I was able to start work by myself.  I started with emails and scheduling items.  
Jones true to form heard me typing and rattled the drying rack next to his bed so he could get up.
Diaper change and we moved to the kitchen for breakfast and more work.
I made us both eggs and cheese.  
He is attempting to learn about using a fork/spoon so it was messier than normal.  With each bite he pronounces it "Yummmm" until he's done eating and then he pushes eggs to the floor.
I have a quick call with my boss while he's still eating. 
Momo and Dustin take over as babysitters after a diaper change and I dress jones.
And just like every Monday we had the engagement scrum at 9:30, it always runs over an extra 30 minutes as we have more work than resources.
I turn on music after the call and work on building an elearning for the Hot Topic Series (this is typical day to day stuff).
Around 11:00 I tell Dustin he better get in the shower - he does not.  
Around 11:15 I take a quick shower and get back to work.
I tell Dustin again to shower as we need to leave for the doctor soon.
He finally gets in.
At 12 I beat on the shower door telling him we need to leave 5 minutes ago.
He seems to take his time and I go get in the car so he knows I mean we are leaving.
Momo is babysitting Jones while we go to the doctor.
We finally leave at 12:15.
The doctors office is empty which is good since we are late.
We only have an ultrasound scheduled so we don't wait long.
We see our first pictures of baby #2.
We hear the heartbeat. 
They give us a due date 2/11/16.  Prior to this we hadn't known since I had had my period.
We comment that this is close to Uncle Joes birthday and valentines.
The baby doesn't reveal the sex.
Afterward back home to work and lunch.
The afternoon speeds by I listen to TedRadio as I work.

Dustin announces baby #2 on Facebook this starts a string of texts from girlfriends I hadn't told yet.
They include comments like "you are crazy", "you have way more energy than me", "you need a bigger house", and "omg that's awesome".
I stop working about 5:30 simply closing the laptop and leaving the bedroom/office.
I play with jones for a little bit after supper and Dustin folds laundry and watches SVU.
Then I fix supper jones is on my heels helping.
We eat. Turkey burgers, beans and baked potato.
Afterward target and Aldi with mom and Jones.
I pick up overnight diapers, butter and milk - milk is $1.69 so I buy three.
Back home Jones is playing puzzles and ball.  
Bath time.
Popcorn with dad.
I put him to bed he tells me when he's ready usually grabbing a blanket and saying "baba".
I start diapers, load the dishwasher.
I wipe down the counters.
Dustin and mom watch SVU.
I read on my phone "The Dirty Life"  - my current book that hasn't been abandoned.  
I also Pinterest and check social media.
I contemplate working on a quilt but keep reading instead.
Around 10:35 I head to bed, Dustin follows shortly after.
We talk for a while find a light up ball in our bed, then doze off.
That's Monday.

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Michele C said...

WHAAAAAAAT?! I am SOOO happy for you, Dustin & Jonesy! Just catching up w/your blog and stumbled upon this big surprise. Another Burford will add so much joy and a whole different set of parenting skills! The second is always very different from the first as I can attest. And just when you think you cannot possibly love someone as much as Jonesy, along comes another precious human being that you can't imaging living without. Enjoy all that this new pregnancy brings. Miss your face girl.