Week in the Life - Saturday

Saturday Jones was in our bed he's getting molars and has been waking up.
He woke me up around 8.
We got up and ate breakfast although I don't remember what.
We read books.
Jones brought me his shoes after he got dressed to go "bye bye".
I woke dad up.
Jones and I watched the firetrucks and listened to music.
I took a shower then Dustin did.
Jones knocked on my door the whole time.
We went to the fair.
I want to remember how jones was so brave to touch the snake he reached right to it.
I want to remember how he didn't want to eat the batter of the fried cheese only the cheese.
I want to remember how he spilled his cup of water all down the front of himself.
I want to remember how he really enjoyed petting sheep and horses.  And he squealed wth delight.
I want to remember how our pulled pork sandwich was delicious.
I want to remember how the weather could not have been more perfect for the fair.
It was good times.
We also saw Tisha, rob and porter at the fair.
After the fair we all took naps on the sofa.
Dad went to quote a job.
We ordered pizza for dinner and auntie Kathleen came over to join us.
We put jones to bed after a bath.
Then did a puzzle.
Kathleen snapped the last photo of me ms the puzzle I failed at taking pictures in the evening.

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