13 Months

Last year we took monthly photos of jones in his blue chair and diaper so we could see how he grew.  This year I thought about continuing that, but I have moved the blue chair and he's not so interested in sitting or even standing in it.
So I thought about other ideas while he was busy recovering from a nasty summer cold he had.  I finally decided  we should take photos in front of different walls outside in the city each month.  This allows him to move around and it will capture the seasons, our home, and some of his super cute clothes.  Anyhow I didn't put much thought into where we would go we literally just drove past the guitar stopped, hopped out of the car snapped about 30 photos then got back in the car.   It was perfectly what I wanted.  This mural is outside Arthur's Music in Fountain Square, which is an area we often go to play trivia.  Anyhow here's what's happening at 13 months...
Jones is walking and talking most of the time.  
He says Dada, mama, ball, bath, bye bye, hi, bite, eat, mine, yaya (grandma), no no, uh huh (yes), baba (bottle), in, and out.
He still loves playing ball, we often play put balls in the clothes basket.
He loves music and will him or sing with songs he enjoys Elmo song and old McDonald.
Several times a day he requests going bye bye and will often bring me his shoes or my shoes so we can go bye bye which can be just outside or to the store.
He likes firetrucks and when he hears them he will stop playing and listen, then make a siren noise.
He recently learned about drawing and made a few sketches in pen (pen I find is easier to keep him from eating or writing on everything).
He likes to read the truck book and Dora goes on a picnic.
His hair is finally coming in better and I think will definitely be brown like mine.
We love him immensely and find it such a joy as he learn new things.

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thea said...

Those are some adorable photos. What a great place to take pictures.