14 Months

Jonesy - 
You are growing up so fast little guy.
I love when you dance.
I love how you get so excited about things.
I think it's so adoreable how you ask to go bye and find your shoes.
This month you learned to blow kisses, make fishy face, and point.
You have been enjoying fruit and cheese and ketchup.
You often don't want to eat carbs.
You like to open drawers - newly you like the freezer.  
You are very happy.
You run instead of walking.  
You find joy in the tiniest things like a straw or a bucket.
You learned to gobble and now I find you gobbling while in the bath, when playing blocks - all the time.
You smile when you see us in the mirror together.
You often speak gibberish to me I don't understand.
You give me kisses by putting you nose on my nose then leaning in its priceless.
New words include - No No, Max, Bite, Lita (Eita), Baby (Baby), and mine.
You know animal noises like dogs, cats, turkeys, cows, bears, seals.
You make a siren noise when you hear a fire truck, ambulance or police car. 
Daddy thinks you are so grown up.
Daddy loves pushing you in the stroller.
Daddy likes you to sleep on his chest.
Daddy likes to play a sneak up on mommy game you pretend sneak but are soooo loud I hear you coming before you get in the room.
I love you baby boy. 
Love mommy

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