52 for 15 Update

A little update on where I am with my list.   We're just over the half-way point of the year so it's probably good I have completed 13 items on my list and have 15 started.    Also another like 10 or so are easy ones so with any luck maybe I'll be close to finishing my list this year.   There are a few things that will not get completed though as the ship sailed on those but here's to a strong last half of the year. 

Completed Items:
2. 1st birthday party 
3. New van/suv  
6. Visit Kathleen in BG
9. Make a log cabin quilt
10. Finish Sushi Quilt 
14. Take a jones and mommy class
15. See the fireworks 
20. Celebrate Lita's Wedding 
21. Finish main bath remodel 
22. Make jones a national park book
24. Burford and Co Trip
46. Activity with Jayda 
49. IMQG Quilt Retreat 
51. Go swimming 

Things in Progress: 
1. Weekly Devotions 
5. Monthly Family photos take 2
7. Finish my 52 books 
12. Update the photo wall 
17. Play date x 4 jones 
19. Try 12 new recipes 
26. Complete 5 craft projects 
27. Finish year one baby book 
30. 1,000 fit bit miles 
32. 12 FaceTime Dates with Jono and LoLo 
33. Finish my improv quilt 
34. New project with Thea (block of the month) 
39. Take Jones to the Children's Museum 
43. Find a bedside table for Dustin 
45. Write 200 gifts in my gift journal 


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thea said...

Looks like you've made good progress. I'll have to see how my year is going .. sometime this month, maybe.