Week in the Life -Wednesday

Dustin left for work at 5 as they were traveling to Tennessee.
I got up and started checking emails.
Jones woke up around 7:30.
I changed him and dressed him.
I started a load of laundry.
We ate together.
Cereal and Blueberries.
Jones then played try and hide under the playmat for a while (see above).
I went back to work.
At 8:30 Julie came to watch jones.
They decide to go "bye bye" for a bike ride.
I have an online class I am teaching.
Julie leaves around 11.
I feed jones chicken nuggets and leftover mac and cheese and blueberries.
He is fussy.
After lunch I put him down for a nap.
I return to work.
I have cottage cheese, apples and leftover potato for lunch.  
I do a working lunch as this might be our only naptime.
I notice Jones has hung this Woody toy up in the basketball hoop. (Ps this you is a remnant of a friends child left a long time back and jones found it in the garage toys).
I can't help but wonder if he is anti-Disney like me.
Jones sleeps until 2:30 which is great for me as I can be super protective.
He gets up I change him and he plays blocks and I return to work.
Auntie Kathleen comes by with slushies around 3.
We hang out until about 6 and she leaves.  
then I fix leftover chicken and new broccoli for supper.  
Jones has chicken and grapes and raspberries.  
Dustin is still gone.
Jones and I go to take his 14 months pictures at a wall.  
He falls asleep this one nap thing is a struggle still, but next week he goes to preschool.  
I decide on the wall of Jacks a Super Bowl mural.  
I wake him up. 
We snap photos.  
He is uber cranky and wants me to stand with him at the wall, but I take his photo anyhow.  
I cannot believe he's 14 months already.  
The whole event takes 15 minutes we walk over to the library afterward.  
It's closing - sad day. 
Back home it's bath and bed time for mr. Cranky pants.
We do read a few books first he always picks the dog barking book.  
He goes right to sleep since it's about 8:30.
I work on sewing projects.  
I finish the quilt back for my half square triangles and three more low volume charity blocks. 
Sometime around 9:30 Dustin gets home.  
He forgets his phone in his bosses truck and needs to go pick it up.
I read my bible proverbs 3.
Shower then bed. 
Dustin stays up past me and I am fast asleep when he comes in.

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