Week in The Life - Sunday

Sunday I was over this project.
We woke up around 8 to Jones banging on the side of his crib.
I got up got him changed.
We fixed eggs for breakfast.
I got him dressed.  
We played trucks and blocks.
I got daddy up so I could shower.
I shower and he showers.
I pack a church bag.
We go to church.
The message was very good about wisdom and following Jesus even if the path is not easy.
We came home fixed lunch.
We take Dustin to a job so we can have the car.
Jones is asleep.
I go to a quilt guild meeting (big turnout).
I dropped jones off with Kathleen first.
I pick him up.
He has had the best time playing with Auntie Kathleen.
He falls asleep on the drive home as I chat with Aunt Thea.
We get home daddy has fixed chili for supper.

Jonesy doesn't want chili except beans and also gets a hot dog.
We play for a while.
Jones tried to impress me with his climbing (I am not a fan).
We go for a walk in the windy evening.
Jones loves the wind in his face.
We come back and give him a bath.
Then it's bedtime (first day of school tomorrow).
I clean up the kitchen fold laundry and start a load of diapers.
Then I sit down for a glass of water and fall asleep on the couch.
I wake up around 10, and Dustin is making popcorn jones has woken up and is also on the other couch.
We watch some terrible show Mountain Men.  
Around 11 Dustin puts jones in his crib and I go to bed myself.
I read the bible for a little bit then turn in.
Dustin is packing for his work trip and joins me after I am already asleep.
And like that a week ends and a new one begins.

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