Week in the Life - Tuesday

Tuesday I took more photos yay.  The above is probably my favorite.
Tuesday started out with jones waking up and me still wanting to sleep in. 
I got up.  
I got him up.
I changed him. 
We ate breakfast together cereal for us both.
I started work he played quietly.
Grandma got up and got ready to leave.  
Jones wanted to hang out with her and followed her around like a puppy.
He blew her kisses and waved bye bye.
He had a meltdown when she left out the backdoor. 
I got daddy up.
I went back to work.
Daddy and jones went to the mall to the play area.
I had lunch by myself I fixed leftover noodles and chili.
I went back to work.
Working still on Hot Topics and also sending out mail merges for my upcoming classes that have low enrollment.
Jones and dad come home and fix lunch.
They pop in and say hi.  
I notice jones has peed on dads shirt.
Jones laughs hysterically.
Me too.
Jones eats.
Jones enjoys that dad gave him ketchup.
He makes a mess in like 10 seconds.
He really enjoys ketchup.
I finish work up about 5:15.
I close my laptop.
I leave my bedroom/office.
Jones is very eager to see me and follow me.
We unload the dishes. (Photo above).
I wash the bottles.
He gets out Tupperware.
We fix supper.
Jones stands on a chair and puts spoons and bowls in the newly cleaned out sink.  
I prepare turkey meatballs, corn on the cob, grapes, and Mac and cheese.
Dad leaves to go to an appointment.
We end up eating without him.
Jones does not want meatballs but does eat everything else.  
He wants to use a spoon.
I especially enjoy the Indiana sweet corn. (It was 10 cents at the market and is so yummy).
We go for a walk with his bike.  
Jones stands forward in it so we go faster.
We come home and take a bath.  
Jones enjoys baths and plays for a while.
Dad comes home.
Jones gets pjs on.
Jones reads books.
We tickle him.
Jones brings me a blanket and I know he's ready for bed.
Dad tucks him in.  
I go clean up the kitchen.
I sweep.
I mop.
I sort quilt projects and cut some Charity Quilt block pieces.
chill on the couch and read The Dirty Life.
I am ready for bed about 10:15.
Dustin comes in a little after me.
We talk for a while.  
We doze of sometime after midnight.

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