16 Months

I am waaaaay late at taking these.  I actually took like 3 snaps over a week ago but he was sooooo not into it I gave up.  So today after a good nap we went to find a wall.  We tried downtown Beech Grove which is seriously lacking murals (someone take note).  We ended up outside the newly closed Beech Grove Meat Market which has a clean wall and I liked the big arrow.  Jones of course wanted to run around rather than stand where I wanted so I let him do his thing.  I still love them.  
Jones Jones - 
This month was super fun.  Daddy is doing much better and you are loving it!  
You often ask me if he's bye bye, or ask for him rather than me.
You also check to see if he's coming places like to drop off at school or to run a quick errand.
I think it's great.
You are 26lbs (not sure on height).
You have started pretend laughing when you think something is funny but aren't sure.
You added new words and phrases like oh my, uh oh, bubbles, slide, go outside, shoo (as in smelly), not and daddy.
You pretend things are a phone (a computer mouse, a old phone case etc), and often call Aunt Eita (Lita).  
Your pretend conversation is like "hey Eita hey!" at almost a yell and after much of this you tell her "bye bye".
You also started to be more independent.
Example you throw yourself on the ground when you don't want to hold hands.  
You get sooooo excited when you see a dog or cat out.  
You love having your hair brushed.
Mommy actually trimmed up your mullet neck curls this month.
You also a refusing to eat certain foods like corn or skin on anything.
You like to read books and play trucks.
You still think balls are the best and we probably play ball or look for it in books several times a day.
You blow kisses when people leave.  
You also give hugs when I ask you too.

Mommy loves when you smile and your dimple pops out.
I love how you try to snuggle me by putting your face in my neck.
I enjoy how you will listen to me and we'll do things together you by my side like cooking or loading the dishwasher.
I started calling you "Jones Jones" because you call me "Ma Ma".
Mommy is kind of jealous that you now say "daddy" not "dada" anymore.
Mommy and you have been having oatmeal for breakfast and you like it like her thick as cement! Lol.
Daddy is enjoying playing ball with you.
He likes when you want to sleep with us and snuggle (mommy not so much).
He often makes you an adult size plate but you never come close to finishing it.
He has given you candy.
He has also seen how this makes you cranky.
Daddy is over joyed you will now give him a kiss.
He loves wrestling you and tries to let you win.  
We love you so much little guy!
love mommy

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