On Mondays Momo/grandma comes to visit and do some light housework.  We also usually pick up Jones from school early and they play together.  It's so cute to see him interact with her.  He calls her "Ma" or "MaaaMaaa" now but we are working on changing it to Nana.  He gets so excited for her and doesn't like it when she leaves for bible study or when she doesn't come with him to school on Tuesday morning.  
He also loves calling her and Eita (Lita) on FaceTime.  He Doesn't say much to them just yet but often he just laughs at them or tries to touch them thru the phone.  It's also adorable how he pretend calls them he will yell into his fake phone or the computer mouse he uses as if they can hear him calling if he's loud.  I just chuckle.

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