Happy Halloween from "The Baseball"

I want to just point out I made this costume this I am considering it a craft project.  (it was supposed to be a basketball but the spray paint was peeling up and I couldn't find orange duct tape so baseball it was).  Jones was super scared to put on his baseball costume for some reason but along with some help with grandma we got him warmed up to the idea and when he got to his school Halloween Festival he put it on for us no problem.  He had a little trouble trying to pick things up and sitting in it but it was too cute.  Now that Halloween is over he is actually playing with it and attempting to wear it himself.
Here he is with his teacher miss Maine.
He absolutely loved the school carnival and for less than $6 we had dinner, bounce house, and played games with him it was fun.  He loved his prizes of fun yo-yo balls and a slap braclet.
On Halloween we actually did trunk or treat with our church. Our trunk was a monster - I think it turned out cute for literally like the cost of like $4 but I did already have poster board on hand.
Jones has a fun time at the event although he did NOT want to give the kids candy and kept declaring the candy "mine" and telling the kids "no no no".  But he also played nicely by the car with stickers and plastic spiders and everyone was very impressed how well behaved he was.  I wasn't so impressed with his desire to want to eat a bunch of candy! 
We skipped trick or treating as after a long nap we weren't so interested in going out in the rain and cold again.
But it was a good Halloween.

PS costume is made from paper mâché, duct tape, and good old sharpie markers.

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