quilt for Louise - half square triangles

I actually finished this in August!  About a week after our friends daughter Louise was born.  I kept forgetting to give it to her and to take pictures of the quilt!  But I did get some pictures by my friend Amy Garro aka http://13spools.com and http://indyfamilyphoto.com/index.php/about/ at the September IMQG meeting.  

This quilt was really simple the blue fabrics my brother sent me from a leftover project he did.  I paired them with this Kona pink and then did two different designs with hst on each side originally the quilt was to be much larger but the baby was due, so I improvised.  I actually still have about 8-10 more triangles so maybe they will appear in another project. 
I love the back best on this one and the puckering from the quilting.  There is something so lovely about the random triangles I think.

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