Adventures in Potty Training

We decided recently it might be time for potty training, he started telling me he "beed" which was something we were waiting for before we started.  
So we got him a seat and set forth.  So far we have been working Jones up to not being terrified of the potty.  Last week he was mortified by the idea of sitting on it.  Literally he was screaming and begging for us to take him down.  
But we have been talking about it.  Pointing at it when in the bath.  He's even been putting his seat back on when we've removed it for ourselves.  And gradually we are convincing him it's okay to sit on without a diaper.  We've been reading on the toilet which he enjoys so maybe we'll get there.  He has been telling us more about using his diaper though which is good.  Like yesterday he brought me wipes and a diaper and said "botty... shooey". Botty = Potty so he was very aware that he went to the bathroom just doesn't quite get we want it in the potty.  
Some people keep telling me he's not ready or that we should have started sooner personally I that he is our baby so we can decide what we think.  And I see progress so this is good.

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