Tuesday 10 - Thankful For

Well I have missed too many days of blogging in November but I have been working on this list for at least a week:
1. Snuggles from this guy.  There's something so great about a baby hug.  I also am a fan of how he tells me "hi" each I enter a room.

2. IMQG - it's so excellent to have a group of friends with similar interests and inspiration.  (ps we made this quilt).
3. Nana who comes to play for a few days.  Jones has soooo many things to tell you.
4. The hard work this guy puts in each week.
5. Date nights that include baby jones.  
6. Quiet moments to myself.
7. Healthy baby coming in 2016.  Ps like 75 days!
8. Heat!  Our heater filter needed to be changed (shame shame). And I thought my furnace was broken!
9. Gods grace.
10. Friendships both new and old. 

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thea said...

another wonderful list!