6:12 Pot Roast

I haven't made pot roast since my days at crackerbarrel and I am not ever sure why not.  It's super simple.  I am probably going to have to make it again soon.  I ended up following this recipe from QueenBee coupons... http://queenbeecoupons.com/slow-cooker-crockpot-coca-cola-beef-roast-recipe-simple/
True to form I did alter the recipe to use more coke (a whole can) and we didn't add potatoes although I ate the leftover roast with leftover mashed potatoes from another night.  (This is shown in said photos).  Our roast was super large too so I actually split it into two parts and cooked on in the oven at 275 for like 5 hours.  
Overall it was good.  I wished it had more flavor but it was better the next day.  And also the crockpot roast was by far superior to the oven one although they looked the same.  

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