Tuesday 10 - Thankful November

This week I am doing things I am thankful for since its November.
1. Our new blessing.  This pregnancy is flying by she will be here before we know it.  
2. Small group, thank you for bringing gods grace to my house for a small segment of time each week.
3. Spinach artichoke dip leftover from small group. So good.
4. Best friends.  This summer took some of my friendships to a whole new level.  
5. daily joy.  Every day I experience with this guy.  You don't know what you are missing good and bad until you add in the biggest challenge of your life.
6. Father and son relationships blossoming.  Yes and yes.  
7. The "spot" book aka "pot book". Despite reading this between 10-20 times a day it's like a tiny gift to see your son interpet the book and start to repeat the words before you do. 
8. Having enough even a little more.  Sometimes you learn the value of enough and not in the way you want.
9.  New pants.  I needed these sooooo bad everything I owe seems to have holes and Dustin bought me three pairs and after I exchanged the one that didn't fit I don't need to do laundry daily.
10. Creative time.  From about 9-11 several nights a week I work on a creative project and it's great.  

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