Date Life with a Toddler

We went out for steak the other night.  Jones attempted to use the booster seat it lasted long enough for him to grab all the things on the table and then we resorted to putting him into the belted high chair (ahhhhh much better).  
He did enjoy sorting the sugar packs with me, and then one went in his mouth and we promptly snatched them out of his eyesight.  He continued to enjoy himself though waving at all the servers and employees as they passed by.  He also decided despite his normal distaste for bread that he was into it and are two whole pieces. He also ate his mashed potatoes with a butter knife which he seemed to think was a spoon.  We tried several attempts to swap it out to screaming fits in which we just gave back the butter knife.  
He seems to prefer mommys well done steak to daddy's rare although he eats them both.  At the end of dinner jones needed his own take out box too for his crayons as he was very interested in the one with leftover steak in it.  
Overall aside from a few screaming fits about the knife, and the giant mess he made on the floor it was a good date.  

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