Worlds Largest Basket

So yesterday we concluded our road trip with our drive home which we did in 9 hours even with a side trip to the worlds largest basket. The basket is really big and literally looks just like a longenberger basket. I had a really lovely trip it and I hope mom enjoyed it as well.

Today I spent 9 hours on airplanes and in airports - my flight was over sold and another lady and I had the same seat assignment in Charlotte so I got bumped I did receive compensation but I think I would have rather slept in. Oh and today is the very last day of NaBloPoMo and I offically blogged every day this month - I think that rocks! I'll be back tomorrow with the Tuesday 10 then I'm taking a little break.


Ellicott City = Cute

Don't you agree?

I had never been there before but it reminded me of some other little towns I have visited - except this town has the biggest fairy supply store I have ever seen and I do not know why they insist on closing things up at 5pm but it saved me some money.
I'm off to Boston early tomorrow - I was supposed to have a 3pm flight what the heck happened to that?


Gypsy Jazz & the Hot Club of DC

Last night we went and saw Uncle Andrew play some Gypsy Jazz with a band called Hot Club of DC. You can read more about the band here. Andrew really rocks - he even plays some 4 handed guitar. Now isn't that cool. I was hoping we could upload sound bites that JJ took with his phone but let's be real I'm not that savy.
Back with more adventures soon...


Friday & More Thursday

Now that we are back from our visit to Riderwood (a retirement home) - which is really quite lovely. Uncle Walter and Aunt Ila are so cute I love when Ila tells us about how she met Walter and he was "forgetful" that she met him when he was coming to meet another girl she lived with - lol. The home is literally right next door to mom's high school so we visited there too.
Anyhow yesterday we met with Sharon mom's best friend apparently we also had met her when we couldn't hold up our fat heads, and we still where drooling down our chins as well not that we remembered that. But today we found some photos of mom and sharon when sharing pics with Ila and Walter...
Mom and Sharon at church - there's an assortment of other people too. Mom is the far left resting on her boy and sharon is the red head.
Here they are at high school graduation.
And here is their highschool - it's changed very little and looks as though it needs to be updated.

And fast forward 40 years here they are now - sharon is still a musician and mom is still a teacher.
And more photos from Andrews Thanksgiving Celebration.
Stephen and Kate
Stephen, Walter, Doris, Ila
Kaley & Jessie
Sara and I
Kate and Joann rob is carving turkey behind them.
Dylan is too cute playing the guitar
JJ and Walter
Here is the food line
Walter, Sara, Ila and Baby (I can't say I recall who's baby).
And now they are rushing me off to dinner and to see Andrew play his guitar as the eating entertainment.

Thanksgiving recap...

A little the short abbreviated version because I am on my way out the door to see my great aunt and uncle at their retirement home place. Wehoo!
Jay Jones who thinks that an umbrella is the best accessory (too cute).
FDRs finger where everyone touches it is getting worn.
Mom and JJ with FDR in his wheel chair.

We visiting with Sharon mom's friend on her adorable farm near rockville.
Mom and Sharon were best friends since like 4th grade. Are they the cutest.
There was a WHOLE LOTTA food.
And even more family members.

And some Music

I'm off later.


Special Message!

Momo! XOXO love ya!


Roadtripping Thanksgiving 2009

Got up super early this morning for a road trip to DC - mom and I are doing it up old school style and we drove instead of flying. It's been so long since I drove East I "kind of" missed it (although not really so much) the drive is pretty much the same however on the ride home I do plan to hit some hot spots. I worked a little in the car which I think mom got a kick out of - perhaps she knows a little more about what I do however she was dozing off and driving us into rumble strips towards the end of one of my calls so maybe not. As the highlight of the trip we stopped off in Cumberland for lunch and met up with Mary who mom has known for like 45+ years at this adorable little ice cream place Queen City Creamery. My lunch was pretty good - but the tiny baby cranberry sorbet served at the end was oh so lovely - hello who knew that cranberry sorbet was the bomb.com???? Seriously and it was tiny baby sized so that made it even better. Anyhow we can't not have photos right...
Mom and Mary and a Turkey they want you to note the turkey so that's why they are like 2 feet apart.
Mary and Mom up close.
Oh tiny baby cranberry ice cream.
The Queen City Trolley - no I didn't get to ride.
Here's the outside of the creamery
Coming soon tomorrow - The Jay Jones Places of Interest Tour & Turkey Day.


Tuesday 10 - Thankfully I love all these things!

1. DC or Bust (I'm roadtripping with mom)
2. Overbeck Pottery - I drove through Cambridge City right past here and it reminded me of some super fun pottery the Overbeck sisters made. I have a piece my friend Jeremy got on ebay back in college.

3. Awesome Antique UP postcards - it's amazing to me how some things are so similar some so different. I wish I had my pics from this summer handy so you could see the differences.
Mount Brockway is mostly the same even the little shop is the same there's more of a drop now off to the left.
Rt 26 entering Eagle Harbor - I'm not sure where this was taken perhaps by the dump entrance but I'm pretty sure if we found the spot we couldn't see the lighthouse like we can here the trees are too tall and the "yellow place" is in the way
Natural Wall I cannot comment on if it's changed or not (I've never been).
Great Sandbay - completely different now - you can see here there's much more wildlife and a steeper drop in the dunes.

4. Movies without a Twilight Zone - I didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE this one but it was funny. (I know some of you love Twilight but it's not really my scence (really neither is this one)).

5. Homemade Oreos - I was planning on making these for the annual christmas cookie party this year but I have a flight during the same time as the party but I think I shall make them for something else.

6. Restraining Orders - Yes finally!
7. Jason Schwartzman
- I've always had a celebrity crush on him and when I saw these photos I loved him more. Yes I know he's uber dorky but he's just so cute and fun.

8. Awesome old picture of Indy circa 1933 (Jodie how can you not love this?)

9. The Pioneer Women - I'm not really much for cookbooks but I do so love following her blog. Who doesn't love someone who calls their husband Marlboro Man

10. My favorite thanksgiving food - SWEET POTATOES - I LOVE YOU!