Black Market

 So you might have heard already but went to Black Market for dinner the other night and it was GOOD.  I mean it was FABULOUS!  Black Market is on Mass Ave here in Indy and it's in a spot you have to know it's there or you really will miss it.  We did the first time by. I enjoyed everything about it from the communal eating tables, to the menu with like 8 choices, to the wine.  It's an awesome dining out experience in Indy.  It's a little pricey but trust me you will enjoy eating there so much you won't mind.   I had the Indian Stew which was so flavorful I wanted to eat with my eyes closed.  And Jono had the rabbit and dumplings which was also worthy - his beers were also yummy surprisingly he did not order a Stella.   
The menu changes about once a month so I cannot want to come back again and try something new.

Black Market 
922 Massachusetts Avenue  
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 822-6757

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thea said...

another great review that makes me want to move to Indy ..

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