Yes that's right - Santa brought me a Door for Christmas

Actually it was my sister Lita!  But I'm stoked to get my door installed this week, and I was super pumped to have it under the tree too.  I know everyone is jealous.   This Christmas we might have had the most presents under the tree ever and that's not really a joke.  It's crazy because we are grown-ups now.  Anyhow we got some fun surprises - including my door.   It was a good relaxed christmas with no places to go and no real pressure.  
We had a interesting menu for the day starting with Swedish Pancakes,  we had thai for lunch, and then we had a feast of everyone's favorite dishes for dinner.  And here are the few photos that we took - for some reason I majorly slacked on photo taking but I did get a shot of facetiming with JJ and Chris who couldn't join us this Christmas.   I hope everyone had a great holiday.



Anna said...

Oh yeah it was a great Christmas!

thea said...

looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Jeanne said...

I love Momo's quilt!