Tuesday 10 - Random List

I like lists so here's a list for this week's Tuesday 10 it's a list of random things about me.  Things you might know things you might not... 
1. The Bungalow is 1 in 9  in my neighbor that recycle - yes I counted the bins last week while running.   And on average we have 2 bags of recycling to every one trash here.
2. I work in corporate training and have built e-learning classes - however I don't like to take e-learning courses myself. 
3. I don't like to wear coats especially when I drive (however I do see the necessity of them).
4. I prefer Walgreens over CVS
5. There is a hatchet in the SUV, there's also a Blackstreet CD, 5 umbrellas, and some random dudes sweatshirt.
6. I have 5 kinds of jam in the fridge.
7. I never finished that book about Ben Franklin but I did recently finish one about George Washington and The Bell Jar.
8. I cannot even tell you the last time I wore make-up aside from mascara and chapstick - must have been someone's wedding but it wasn't my brothers. 
9. It's 5 days until Christmas and I have yet to finish my siblings gifts (Crunch Time)
10. I use a fresh towel daily. 
Above see photo from the December Penguin adventure - yes I'm wearing a penguin hat.


jen said...

no diggity :)

thea said...

love the penguin hat ..

Brandie said...

Love that Someone else thinks the best makeup is mascara and chapstick. My Sis in law thinks I'm crazy.

Brandie said...

Chapstick and mascara are the best makeup ever!