Bokeh Bokeh

 So I thought it would be really fun to have Christmas Bokeh with fun shapes but I failed miserably when trying to take these photos.  But I thought I would share my attempts anyway because Jodie did try very hard to help me get this - and it did not help that I'm not sure where my lenses for my SLR are.  WHOOPS!
Thanks MUCH Jodie for helping even if I need a remedial class.  Maybe next Christmas I will have mastered this skillset.
 Here is a photo where I did actually get them to look like crosses unfortunately momo doesn't look so happy.
 Look snowman bokeh
 And snow man boken with my knocking cat
 Snowflake bokeh
 Penguin with snowflake bokeh
 Cross bokeh
 Christmas tree bokeh

 And some heart bokeh
And this is what I was trying to make my bokeh look like - this is Jodie's.  Something to add to my list for next year learning about aperture. Thanks again Jodie.


Mandy Crandell said...

Such cool shapes!


thea said...

what is bokeh?

Anna said...

Well I think they turned out interesting, maybe you need to cut them larger

Jodie said...

you did a good job katie. We will practice more next year.