Oh No It's December!

I feel as though I slept thru or missed all of fall? I know I must have been there and I did have some adventures but it's so hard for me to wrap my hands around it already being December. I'm still in the I want to grab my flip flops and tank top mode - trust me here in Indy it is not the kind of weather for that. So here it is the second of December and I figured I should share y monthly goals aka the remainder of my list from November + a few things: 
  • Clean my bedroom
  • Volunteer at the Winter's Farmers Market
  • Finish my Northern  Europe Journal - I stopped at day 4 yikes!
  • Make Living Room CUratins
  • Ornament for Lindsay's Swap
  • Seal Hardwoods
  • Ornament for IMQG
  • Christmas Gifts
  • IMQG membership cards for 2012
  • Clear out Lita's old room
  • Make a decision about the job offer
  • Run 35 miles (I'm making this less than last month because hey it's cold outside)
  • Finish out my 52 in 11 list strong maybe 5-10 more items (that's doable right??)
  • Sew the buttons  that came off in the wash back on my coat
  • Christmas Tree
  • Winterize Yard
  • Have some fun!
PS the photo is from my it's my 5/12th's birthday and I got my wireless printer working party yesterday.  Any gifts can be sent to the bungalow. ;o)


thea said...

I know. I can't believe it's December .. seems like just yesterday I was planning on heading to Indy for Joe & Alicia's wedding ...

If I send a gift for your 5/12ths birthday, will you send one for my half birthday?

Job offer???

Jodie said...

Hi Girlie. Just want you to know that I got all caught up on your blog posts tonight. Love all the pics and seeing some friends I've not seen in a long time. Looks like turkey day was fun and i love the quilt you made. take care!!!