Momo's House Quilt

This was Momo's Christmas present.  It's a wonky house quilt - it's very fitting for her new house she bought this year.  The plaid fabric was linen that was from grandma's stash and I used part of our 30 year old picnic blanket in the binding so mom can have part of that blanket as it was falling apart.   The back is a what I call the "lake tahoe" vintage sheet I brought on Tisha's birthday thrifting.



jay said...

This is pretty awesome! Well done Katie!

Anna said...

Thank you Katie and I love it. I am going to go to Lowe's and get a curtain rod kind of thing to hang it from, and I am going to buy some neat kind of ribbon to tie on it to hang it with. Right now is laying on my couch and everyone who comes in can see it.So far though I have had no guests.

thea said...

Very nice! As Jay says, "well done!"