#7 West Coast Tacos

So #7 on my list of 52 things was to eat West Coast Tacos and cross this off my list recently.  Food trucks are all the rage in Indy right now I think there are like 9 of them all around the city.   And West Coast I think it one of the original ones.  So I hit it up with a friend in the snow.  
They really only serve one kind of taco with various meats or a burrito and various beers/sodas on any given day.  When I went it was teriyaki tacos.  No lettuce, no tomatoes, no cheese - I don't know if this is how it is everyday or not but I would have liked to have some lettuce for my taco.  Otherwise they were very flavorful and yummy with a unique asian sort of taco and with a soda it's only $6  - pretty cheap.  Kathleen and I decided however we needed to try out the Naco Taco truck next because that's the authentic mexican kind.

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thea said...

you could come to the west coast and get authentic west coast tacos as my house.