Tuesday 10 - Mid December

Here's a list because today's Tuesday and life is good. 
1. Fingernail polish.  I am totally in love with this blue from Essie.
 2. Decking the Halls (having a pine tree in my living room makes me want to get up in the morning)
 3. Seasonal baking.  I'm thinking that I need to just make some bread or cookies or something.
4. Getting and Being Crafty (aren't these ornaments made by my friends awesome).

5.  My Mass Friends I miss you already (sorry the entire state is NOT included in this image)
 6. This hilariously awesome site - http://handmaderyangosling.tumblr.com/

7. This quilt my friend Rachael is working on.  I totally want to steal it or recreate it.  I saw it again this weekend and it's awesome! (Rach be careful when I come over I might hide it under my coat.
8. The color gray.
9. Bobby pins made by my friend Lindsay.  You should get some here.

10. My iPhone - Seriously I love it.  
Til next time peps.


thea said...

that blue nail polish is awesome. you do your fingers. I'll do my toes. maybe with a snowflake. that's my fav design.

the bobby pins are totally cool too.

and your friend rachael's quilt

nice 10.

Kristin Rahn said...

I LOVE that nail polish...almost as much as I love that Ryan Gosling tumblr. Another great one along those lines is Justin Timberlake Does Things - cracks me up every time. Happy Thursday! xo kristin