Dear Santa

I wrote a letter to santa in my head the other day, because people keep asking what I want for Christmas it went something like this... 
Dear Santa - I've been pretty swell this year.  I've had many ups and many downs but mostly I've been good (lets forget about that one time or that other one time okay).  So if you can manage to bring me that vintage mercedes station wagon I will graciously accept it in my driveway instead of you shoving it down my furnace vent because that would be a tight squeeze.  I understand it's a big job so if you can't work that out here are some other things that would be delightful gifts:  Gym Socks, Kayaks, Faucet, Door for my bedroom (no need for doorknob I have it), Instax Camera, interesting lamp could be thrifted, big white towels, and world peace for good measure.
Thxluv Katie
PS I also need a new carry on suitcase because Delta damaged mine.


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thea said...

Glad you threw in world peace .. quite congenial of you. Let me know if he gets you the mercedes wagon and I'll return the one I have sitting in my drive way (jk)/