You wanna go Thrifting for your birthday??? Done and Done!

 So for Tisha's birthday we took it to the streets of Indy for sweet potato waffles at Maxine Chicken and Waffle's where they spontaneously serenaded her with an awesome birthday song - Rach and I couldn't have planned it better it was priceless.  And then we went thrifting, where we all found awesome finds and Tish got a second birthday song from of the awesome Salvation Army staff downtown.  Rachael came home with like 3 dresses to remake, the best sweatshirt handmade by someone.  Tisha got a few dresses, and something pieces for her bedroom remodel.  And I also found some bargain's bringing home a quilt top to finish, a picnic quilt for the car, a new board game, and a soon to be refurnished item for my house (that's for a project post in 2012).  It was a good time.  I hope the rest of your celebrations were grand.
Rachael bought this belt which she also got a sword tossed in for free.
 Check out my new game - yes that's right The Indianapolis Tryology
 Tisha got this lovely dress which once it's all rehabed will be sweet.
 Here is a quilt top I got to finish. 
I think this is priceless and so Rachael - she is trying on her $3 dress in the parking lot over her clothes.  She should buy the truck behind her as it clearly matches the dress.


thea said...

looks like so much fun! I hope your friends will give you pics to post of the remakes of the dresses. I'd love to see befores and afters.

rebecca said...

fun! and some crazy finds.