#35 Play date with Uncle JJ

Uncle JJ asked to be added to the list as a play date with #babyburf.   So we had several morning while we were visiting where Dustin and I went out and uncle JJ watched the baby.  #babyburf is especially playful in the mornings he's usually all laughing and chatty and will usually play by himself nicely or with someone.   He especially likes his new monkey toy that uncle JJ and I picked up at Target one morning.
I love these photos we captured of them playing.  Too cute.
JJ has also decided that the baby should call him "fun uncle jay". Because doesn't that have a nice tin to it?  
(As I'm looking at the photos I snapped on our trip I'm realizing I really need to make an effort to use our SLR camera more (the quality really is THAT MUCH BETTER).

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