#50 Fall Activity - Cremona

For the baby's 3 month birthday we took our first flight.  We went East to see Uncle Jay and other family one of the things we got to do was visit Cremona and help make wine.  This was such a treat we had such a nice time and everyone was excited to meet baby's jones.  I am considering this the fall activity even though we may do some other things like pumpkins. 
Here's the baby with Uncle Andrew. 
And Daddy tasting grapes.  
And with Aunt Sara, aunt jo and grandma 
Ila supervises.  I started doing the same when I was itching like crazy.  
Andrew getting juice from the cake.  
Big picnic.
4 generations (jonesy naturally was not looking) - mixed girls and jonesy
And 4 generations on the guys side. 
And I love this one of Andrew and jones on the truck 
After making wine we hit the beach.  I wished I had packed our swimming gear.
And then of course there was the drift inn

It was a good time. 

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