#babyburf goes to washington

Seriously is this not the most adorable kid you have seem next to the Washington monument?  Okay so I am biased.  But he's pretty cute.  We took jones to see some of our favorite monuments while in DC.  We know how much he'll remember it.  We were joined by these crazy cats our old friends Dan and Megan. 
Babies in the bread line.  Note we have no clue who this baby is and his parents didn't speak English but they agreed to line the babies up. 
And my personal favorite.  Jones screaming at Lincoln 
About two seconds later he passed out.  And slept the rest of our tour. But we bought his a book about DC and I am sure he will be back no fewer than 10 times before he's 5. 

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thea said...

So fun. sorry I missed out on this.