#babyburf meets family

So another fun aspect of our trip to DC was that #babyburf got to meet a bunch of his cousins which are really like third cousins or something.  My second cousin Dave happened to be having a wedding reception while we were in town so we saw lots of family there.   So we got to see lots of family. 
Like Lauren.
And Uncle Stevie who taught jonesy about the drums
Cousin Dylan who's about a foot taller than last time I saw him.  (Baby in the way back sleeping)

And uncle rob and aunt kate. 
Aunt Sara and uncle Bruce not photoed
And Jessie... And Cody and Dave  and new cousin Jiilian not photoed
And uncle Andrew who loves babies, and Aunt Jo. 
He also got to meet his great great aunt ila and uncle walter, but I shared those photos already. 

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