My friend Amy from 13 Spools, asked us to share 9(9) Problems but a stitch Ain't One.  PS She also wrote a quilting book that's out next year - she's pretty much FAMOUS ;o) 

At first I was like I ain't got any seeing problems but then they flooded back to me.

1) Despite purchasing basting safety pins three to five times in bulk - now I can't seem to find them.  I think they ran off with the socks and the spoons.

2) speaking of basting my living room is too small to spread out quilts larger than twin to baste appropriately even when I move chairs and the coffee table which is way annoying. 

3) I actually dislike Amy Butler fabric (the horror I know) - at least 90% of the prints they are too fru-fru for me.  

4) my walking foot is tempermental and won't stay screwed in - this why I often quilt with my regular foot.

5) I am the opposite of a perfectionist I rarely will rip stitches out and just make imperfections work.  

6) my cutting mat i once ironed on and it's slightly warped but I can't be bothered to get another one.

7) I am on the struggle bus using fussy cut prints. I never know how to use them in blocks aside from a "log cabin"

8) I brought back lots of fabric from Sweden (easily 10 yards) and I am not sure I want to ever use it, but it's gorgeous.

9) I have 6 work in progress quilts and I want to start a new one for the baby rather than finish any of them even the ones that are almost complete.   

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