New wardrobe

So I have been seeing all these bloggers post about having a capsule wardrobe.  And the more I read about it the more I think "oh hey I can do that I really only wear a handful of things".  So when switching mine and Dustin's clothes closets so he doesn't have to bother grandma in the morning when going to work.  I started to take assessment of my clothes and as I put things into the closet I said to myself - 
"Do I love this?"  
"Does it fit right? Is it flattering?"
"Do I wear it to work?" 
As I did this I discovered.  I love a total of 6 things yes you read that right.   
1. A sweater dress (target circa 2011)
2. Michael Kors long sleeve tee black
3. pair of skinny jeans
4. Two nice dresses
5. Gray dressy t-shirt 
Yup that's it.  Might I also add the said skinny jeans have a hole in them?  When I added into my assessment things from my drawers I loved I had 5 additional things - 
6. yoga pants circa 2009 that are stained with paint
7. my most favorite navy tee from old navy - it's the perfect softness and perfect cut sadly it's starting to fade
8. Fav hoodie which are starting to show age
9-10. Macys Leggings x2 all with various flaws but they stay up
11. Levi's jeans purchased in like 2006 they are literally borderline risqué but they are the most comfortable pants ever
So basically I discovered that while I have 11 things or a Capsule wardrobe really I have like 5 things that should be in it.  It's depressing really.
So I really should start from square one.  After I discussed this with Dustin he said I could work on purchasing more key pieces to build my "capsule".  To be continued...

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thea said...

Guess I need to read more about this. I have five things I wear to work and two pair of jeans. Keep me posted on how it goes.