#babyburf 4 months

Dear #babyburf - 
You're four months!  Finally growing bigger too, we recently retired all the 0 sized clothes and moved you up into 3-6 months.
+You sleep between 8-9 hours a night and this is a miracle (we love it). 
+You love to grab your feet and put them in your mouth.
+You coo when you sleep at night and it's so nice so we know you are alive. 
+You like to play with your toys specifically your hungry caterpillar, and your weird loop ball. 
+You try to sit yourself up most of the time when we lay you down it's like baby crunches.
+You prefer not to held like a baby unless you are sleepy or it's grandma holding you.
+You try and cover your eyes when eating to block the light.
+You giggle and laugh at things we don't even know why. 
+You have a new chair that lets you sit up-right and supports you before you can sit in the high-chair. +You love to have a spoon when you sit in said chair.  
+You talk baby talk all the time - mostly to mommy.
+You love singing.
+You eat about 5-6 oz at a time although we have seen you take up to 8 which usually results in spit up.  (We added in formula because mommy can't keep up with the pumping.)
+You can roll about 3/4th of the way over but then stop for some reason and either roll back or lean on your side.
+Mommy loves to play with you after work and loves that you are full of spunk!  She regularly rolls with your spit up on her.  You like to grab her face.  You also love to sit on her lap when it's meal time because you are fascinated by food and cannot wait to actually get something other than milk.   We spent our first night apart when I was in a wedding and you were so excited to see me when I came to get you the next morning.  
+Daddy has been working super hard lately.  He was on call for two + weeks and he thinks you learned all this talking while he was out doing emergency work.  He likes to have you stand while holding his hands.  He still tries to sneak you into our bed at night but I usually put you back into your bed. You like to grab at his beard and run your hands thru it.  
We love you so much little one. 
Love Mommy

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