WIP Wednesday - End of October

I have been making progress on the Michael Miller Chalenge Quilt.  I am about 75% done with the quilting with any luck I will finish by this weekend.  I made the mistake of quilting it with some kind of thread in my stash and it keeps breaking which is way annoying but I no longer can win the challenge so it is what it is.
I also am mostly finished wih jonesy's halloween costume.  I need to make some adjustments so it fits him better can't wait to debut it this weekend.  

Also our roof is done and we are now working on the porch roofs and the internal repairs.  Anyone have ideas for how to make 1950s aluminum awnings look less 1950s?  I am tempted to repaint the trim piece the siding color and have them install it when they do the work.  Otherwise it will just be white.
And in other news playing catch up with project life too and the baby's book watch for a post on those. 

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