Zombie/Michael Miller Challenge Quilt

So I finally finished my Michael Miller Quilt only a little bit late (Michael Miller Fabrics sponsored a challenge with the Modern Quilt Guild - which Indy Modern Quilt Guild is a part of).  The rules of the challenge were to use the fabrics they supplied + only solids or other MM prints which I was on the right track with previously.  But I went ahead and broke the rules since I can't win the prize now and I added in a print that is not by Michael Miller but rather by Riley Blake.
Dustin has been wanting me to make him a quilt he seems to think I'm making everyone else a quilt but him, he specifically requested bacon and or zombies.  I pretty much denied booth of these options, but then when I needed backing for this and didn't have something coordinating in my stash that wasn't solid I remembered about Riley Blake's Zombie fabrics and ordered the gray one.   I think it works perfectly with the colors on the front.  I added a block from the front to the back and then quilted this with straight lines up and down and then a 35 degree angle rather than a perpendicular angle to hide any imperfections.  It's quilting with a thread that is probably not really a good option as it kept breaking but I pressed on - I think it's an embroidery thread but it was in my stash of threads.  
From a distance the triangles on the front look great (ps I'm not a fan of paper piecing triangles it's so wasteful of fabric). 
I guess they don't look so bad up close either. My original idea did not include the green or the blocks of prints but when I was running out of blue and the store was out.  I just went ahead and picked a green close to the green in the prints.  To make it less like a frame I added in the strips in the middle of the design.  I like how that turned out. 
A close up of the quilting.  The pucker on this is my favorite part of the quilting it's just enough. 
And the back which is almost entirely zombies.  
But there's that one lone triangle - which by the way for some reason even though I paper pieced these was like 1 inch smaller than the other blocks?  The struggle is real.
And the binding,  it machine stitched (which I prefer) and pieced from two grays in my stash and a small bit of a Michael Miller dot I think.  
Anyhow Dust pretty much loves it he's already using it for watching Netflix on the sofa and then still bringing to bed at night.  Clearly this guy really did want a quilt. 

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thea said...

What a great quilt!!